Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro (Review 2022)

Are you fed up with cleaning and mopping the floor regularly? We’ve given you a device that will improve your life simpler by eliminating noise distortion and the need for cleaning. It may be used at any time and in any location.

The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro efficiently cleans your house, office. The Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Mop Pro is a cheap robot vacuum with smart features designed to provide vacuuming and mop comforts and efficiency.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro Review

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro Best Vacuum Cleaner

  • Design

The Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop p has the same puck-shaped form as other robot cleaners like iRobot’s Roomba series. The shell is made of glossy plastic that does not scratch. It doesn’t become smudgy since you won’t be touching it often, and you’ll need to clean it thoroughly for dust after a few days. Rubber paddles on the sides avoid harm if the vacuum cleaner collides with walls or furniture, yet they do not leave any scratches.

The design is very simple, only with two touch controls to operate — power and home. The former may be pushed once during cleaning to halt the operation manually or long-pressed to switch off the vacuum cleaner. The home button returns the robot vacuum to its dock.

By lifting the lid, you may get access to dusty and water containers. These are simple to remove and install, but you must be cautious not to allow any water leakage inside while inserting the water container.

The vacuum cleaner and the dock with an adapter are the two major components of the package. A dust box (for sweeping only), a two-in-one dust and water tank (for sweeping and mopping), two side brushes, a full wet mop, a semi-wet mop, and a separate drag bracket for connecting the mop heads are also included.

There’s also a cleaning brush provided for cleaning out the dust chamber. It has a blade on one end for eliminating hair, fabric, and other debris from the bottom roller brush. I could run the robot vacuum 2-3 times before empty the dust box, which has a capacity of 550ml. On the other hand, the mop should be removed after each usage, cleaned, and dried.

  • The Composition of the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 

The disk-shaped gadget is not too large and can roll easily beneath my couches and tables, but it is broad and cannot pass through every distance at times. It’s hefty, yet you cannot raise or flip it if it’s necessary. It has a lot of weight. It includes a plastic cover on the top for the accessories, a power button, and another button to return it to the recharge station. The gadget utilizes a spoken message to indicate what is being done with messages for beginning, finishing, charging, and memories to removing and clean fittings. The system also uses a tiny speaker.

Features of Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop

The two vacuum compartments are available – one for cleaning and a secondary with vacuuming and mopping water reservoir. The rolling brush is directly inserted into the unit out of another box but can be removed; every few days, it must be removed to clean up and fits easily into position. A mop attachment and two mopping pads with two cleaning brushes will be included in the package. On the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P, just one brushes have to be repaired; the other brushes are a replacement once the first brush wears out.

Mi robot Stainless steel and bowls clean the floors and tapestries and assist you in relaxing. The strong suction, along with the three-stage cleaning system’s brush-less motor and HEPA filter, collects everything from the surface and carpets, including dust. If engaged, the mopping function shoots the water out of the tank and attaches the microfibre cloth to the ground to remove dirt and waste. Even the tougher contaminants on the floor are removed effectively by the V-shaped robot washing route.

  • Using the Software, You can Command the Vacuum Cleaner.

With an app on your smartphone, the Mi Robot cleaner and sweeper can be operated. As the Robot progresses, you may plan cleaning and watch the process in real-time cleaning. The robot scans the area as it cleanses and recalls it for future usage with the automated room identification feature. You could also use Bluetooth Dongle and Alexa’s voice controls to provide directions to your robot to remotely clean and mopped. With the Robot’s Wi-Fi access, you may use the My Robot App remotely.

  • Sensors LDS 360 Degrees

The vacuum and mop of the Mi Roboter are equipped with 360° LDS sensor technology that shows objects of 360° around the device. Varying objects of different sizes are identified using 12 laser range sensors to prevent collisions and falls from boards and stairs. The sensor technology fully traverses the whole home, preventing hurdles. It cleans the entire floor perfectly and seldom leaves a place dirty with its clever navigation system.

The sophisticated robot vacuum cleaner laser technology enables operational readiness without causing furniture or decor damage in the space. In 2017 measurements may be calculated in a second using high-precision sensors in the robot.

  • Establishing Virtually Boundaries

The software also has the option of creating virtual boundaries. You may create virtual barriers and no-go areas to restrict regions to which the robot’s vacuum is not intended. Furthermore, the map may be adapted to specify the areas you wish to clean up the robot vacuum.

You may establish virtual limits for places you don’t wish to clean using the robot vacuum and mop. The Mi Robot app loaded on your smartphone may choose these limits. These limits. The app also allows you to select the locking places you wish to avoid; such areas include tennis courts, doormats, etc. The app also allows you to lock wipe lock locations.

  • The Water Tank and Dust Collector

The Mi Robot comes with a huge dust collector of 550ml and a 200ml water tank, allowing you to set cleaning schedules for big areas in one go. The Robot can clean the mop and not regularly remove the trash container or replenish the water tank.

  • Battery life

When the Xiaomi robot detects a low battery level, it automatically comes back to the battery pack to charge. Regardless of where it is, the Robot returns to the battery pack for recharging, whether in a separate room or the same room. When the charge is finished, the gadget continues cleaning without any additional instructions from you. Furthermore, the Robot intelligently continues its job from where it left off rather than cleaning the whole area anew, saving time.

  • Motion Detector

When attempting to climb ledges or low pile carpets, most robot cleaners in the industry get trapped and must be rescued. On the other hand, Mi Robot can overcome obstructions of up to 20mm, allowing for smooth navigation and motion over the floor.


  • It used Y-shaped cleaning strategy to remove the stains efficiently.
  • It has a strong low noise powerful suction. 
  • It has two functions in 2 in 1 that is water tank and dustbin.
  • It usually customizes the virtual map and blocks off areas.
  • Easy to use the app with multiple functions.
  • Efficient cleaning
  • Affordable


  • The leftover water level in the storage tank is not mentioned.
  • If the water tank and dustbin are withdrawn from the robot vacuum, they may leak.
  • The water tank is small.
  • They limited Smart home integration.

This is the review of customer Dan Steiner who gave the star Xiaomi Mi Robot Vaccum Mop Pro on the Amazon Website. For the money, Xiaomi is in a category of its own. I live in a small apartment with wood flooring and a carpeted room. This little fellow is incredible. It uses lasers to map out your house, avoiding obstacles, and taking the most efficient path to make your life easier in the least period. The other cleaners seem to collide with all of it until they lose out of battery power.

This vacuum includes all of the high-end vacuum’s features and more. It will notify you when it has finished cleaning, where it is, and how much of your house it has cleaned. If you need it, it can clean for hours.

He was concerned when he initially took the tiny man out of the package since everything was written in Chinese. That is, however, no longer a problem. Xiaomi has finally launched an English translation of their app… as well as a language pack for your vacuum! WOO!

In terms of performance, there is no superior robot vacuum also for money. It outperforms iLife, Roomba, and Neato.

The ONLY drawback he could discover with this vacuum is that the trash bin is tiny, which makes cleaning up big quantities of pet hair a challenge. It is not a problem, though, if you wipe it often.

This is the finest robot vacuum in the industry under $500 if you’re a tech geek, and it wasn’t even close.

Reasons to Buy Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro.

  • Suppose you’re searching for a robot vacuum with a dependable mopping function that offers efficiency in cleaning at a reasonable price. In that case, Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro is a good option.
  • This device is ideal for individuals seeking a robot vacuum cleaner with above-average mopping capabilities. Because of its electronic water control can provide the same quantity of water production throughout the home. Unlike some other machines with basic mopping capabilities, it can clean completely and remove stubborn stains with the aid of the Y-pattern it uses while mopping.
  • Those with untidy homes or high-traffic areas won’t have an issue with this gadget since it can still go around obstructions and offer in-depth cleaning thanks to its LDS clever navigation.
  • It boasts a powerful suction strength of up to 2100 Pa at a manageable noise level, and if that’s not enough, it includes a quiet cleaning option that’s suitable for people with pets and children.

Why You Used Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro?

That can be used as a vacuum and a mop separately, but it can perform both simultaneously. Unlike most other robot vacuums that depend on gravity alone, it includes a smart mop function that utilizes an electric water pump to provide the same quantity of water output across the whole area. It also mops the floor in a Y-shaped pattern, resulting in a more thorough cleaning. It can remove stubborn stains with this pattern since it carefully passes over the area, unlike other solutions that wipe the floor with a wet towel.

However, by removing the water reservoir from the water vacuum of the robot and filling it with water, a water leak may also flow into the robot vacuum. Therefore, it is preferable to refill the water tub with the funnel so that the robot vacuum body does not need to be removed.

It has a high absorption capacity of up to 2100 Pa and an airflow that can suck tiny to large pieces of dirt in aspects of its vacuum properties. In addition, it can function in an acceptable degree of noise. Nonetheless, if you’re concerned by the noise, there are several suction level choices in the companion app, including letting the robot run quietly so that it may operate with little noise.

The software offers a range of adaptations and is simple to use. One of the features is to have a clear follow-up. Through the application, you may configure the vacuum cleaner to clean around the borders or conduct a secondary clean-up where you repeat your job. In this way you floor is cleaned more deeply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Xiaomi robot vacuum mop good?

The gadget is excellent for basic cleaning and may be used for quick clean-ups over a normal day at home. However, it does demand some maintenance on your part, such as getting the couplings cleaned and the water-filled up.

Is it worthwhile to invest in a robot vacuum and mop?

No, not realistically. A robotic mop, like a robot vacuum, will still not be able to clean as well as you and your regular upright vacuum. A robot vacuum/mop combination will make your experience simpler. It also reduces the amount of time you just had to mop regularly, but it won’t completely replace elbow grease.

Which of the Xiaomi vacuum cleaners is the best?

Xiaomi’s Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro is the finest vacuum cleaner and mopper on the market.
  • Xiaomi Roidmi F8 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with Low Noise Dust Collector
  • Xiaomi Dreame V9 Pro Household Wireless Aspirator 20000Pa Cyclone Suction
  • Xiaomi Mijia Wireless aspirador 23000Pa Cyclone Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Home Car Household.


The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P isn’t the most advanced robot vacuum on the market, but it has important functions. More importantly, it performs its job well.

The robot has done an excellent job of calculating the quickest route to the desired room while increasing safety. It may also readily scale small heights.

If you help it a little and clear any stray clothing or debris from its path, the Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P becomes a lot better at cleaning.

The device is incredibly useful for cleaning for urgent cleanups that tend to be necessary through a typical day at home. You won’t be disappointed – after you buy it.

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