Worx Robot Lawn Mower Reviews 2021

Are you a busy guy? Are you a professional gardener? You pursue to save your time in your busy and worried life. You have a beautiful lawn and in that lawn green grass waits for you to satisfy your soul and spirit. So here we are going to give you a detailed review of the Worx robot lawn mower.

WORX ROBOT LAWN MOWER is the best solution to all these questions. This is suitable for both professional gardeners and also fit for all who desire to enjoy gardening and cutting grass. In this article, we will provide you a detailed review of the Worx Robot Lawn Mower and we will provide you the detail of its specification, features, pros, and cons of its use and its customer reviews. If you want to get rid of a typical and old fashioned mower then the solution is Worx Robot Lawn Mower. So keep reading and enjoying this article.

Worx Lawn Mower Reviews 2021

Lawn mowers are various in functioning and quality but which lawn mower is the best for you. Worx Robot Lawn Mower is an automatic lawn mower.It works digitally. You just have to install its app on your mobile and establish it for work according to your priority, you will create its circumference, set the cutting height, and make an agenda, but once that is done, the robot lawn mower will do its work automatically according to the instructions given by you. It means it will save your time and energy.

With a Worx Robot Lawn Mower you have different options to play according to the needs and demands of your lawn. It will do marvelous work in your garden or lawn because every lawn rather huge or tiny requires the same degree of care. It secures wildlife.

Hedgehogs are animals that come out at night, so to save the Hedgehogs feature on your app and the mower will work when Hedgehogs are sleeping so it protects wildlife too. It is fast and reliable. It finds its way through narrow passages. It manages to take direction stop, reverse, stop, turn, move, forward, repeat keys. It is fully self-reliant and can be easily controlled via a mobile app.


Brand                       worx

Power Source         Battery powered

Item                          21.97 x 15.91 x 8.07

Dimensions          Inches


Color        Black and Orange
Style             Mows up t o 1/4                         Acre, GPS Included
Cutting Width                        7 Inches
Operation Mode                     Automatic

Battery                           20v power shared (4)

Battery capacity           1.5Ah (2)   2.5Ah (2)

Voltage                           12 8

Voltage                          20   7

Voltage                          56     1

Features of Worx WORX WR140 Landroid

1-Charging Base Station. You will fix its charging station one time.

2- It has Ground screws and an Allen key.

3- It has boundary walls and pegs.

4- It provides app registration codes.

5-It provides a ruler and corner guide.

6- It provides setup guides.

7-Its mechanism is automatic and it cuts up to a ¼ acre all by itself. You will set up its boundary

     wall one time. You will calculate the width and length of your lawn by app and let the mower work.

8-“Find my Landroid ” is its GPS cellular module included with its model ($299 value). If someone steals it the app will give you its notice.

9-Its every function is done with the same battery. Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools.

10-App control is its additional function. You can check and control its functions on your mobile even though you can check its mowing progress, start or stop. You can receive its software updates also.

11-It can clear your narrow paths of the lawn where another ordinary mower cannot work.

12-You can specify its schedule according to the size and condition of your lawn.

13- If there are hindrances and problems on the surface of the ground, it bumps them or backs away.

14_If you want to leave some area of the lawn for mowing, this robot will tackle the stoppers also in the lawn up to 20°.

15_If landroid detects rain, it returns to the charging station and waits until the lawn is dry.

16_The 7’’ offset 3-blade cutting disc gets closer to the edge than other mowers.

Pros and Cons


1-The Cheapest but very useful and necessary object of your house and lawn.

2-It is time-saving.

3-You can get your lawn cut during the night without disturbing your neighbors and other family members.

4-It has superior mowing quality.

6-A robot handles even narrow lines and boundaries.

7-A robot will without harming anything bump off most inanimate solid objects.

8-To have a WORX ROBOT LAWNMOWER is enjoyable and will make your lifestyle softer.


1- It is automatic, so if some puppy or any other animal comes in its path, it will kill and harm them.

2-Its engine is electric if it is broken and its machine is disturbed so it is difficult to repair it by yourself.

4-The robot cuts the grass around trees where doesn’t need cutting.

5-It consumes more time for mowing rather than a tractor.

Mr. John R. Delaney shared his views about WORX ROBOT LAWN MOWER AS: He said that when he reviewed it last year, I gave it high marks for its cutting performance. It is easy to use and it operates quietly like this one for its connectivity and mobile app control capabilities. It is excellent in working. It is easy to program. So it is my choice.

 There are many types of robot lawn mowers available in the market but  Worx robot lawn mower will be your best choice.


‘Keeping in view the specification, feature, pros& cons, structure prize, customers “reviews we will suggest you purchase the WORX ROBOT LAWN MOWER because it is easy to use, easy to install its app in your mobile, and keep your lawn neat clean and tidy. Looking for your response. There are many types of robot lawn mowers available in the market but the Worx robot lawn mower is the best for use. One time you buy WORX LAWN MOWER, you will advise your loved ones to purchase this one. Tell us in the comments about the review, so we can improve.


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