Robotics Companies in California in 2022 ( Top 10)

Whether it’s welding, education, vehicle assembly, or operation, these robotic innovations transform our daily life.

Robots may now undertake complex operations for highly trained people for long, like combing thick woods to locate lost walkers and even doing the minimally invasive cardiac treatment.

The following robotics companies in California are contributing to the robotics revolution.

Robots and humans work together.

Robotics Company in California in 2022

1.Anduril Robotic Company

This company is devoted to developing advanced hardware and software technologies that answer America and its allies’ most significant security problems.

Anduril offers mission-efficient technology that operates in hours and not years from Lattice, an AI-backed system that incorporates basic information from Anduril and other systems into the same display, to sentry towers and smart air support devices.

Industry: Defense

Location: Irvine, CA

2. Skydio Robotic Company

Skydio develops and produces intelligent drone devices based on AI technology and a decade of research and development experience in drone technology and computer vision.

Product lines include Skydio 2, a video-optimized and controlled crewless aerial vehicle, and Skydio X2, which has a robust and flexible airframe, asset inspecting, and a security surveillance system for unequaled browsing and logistics.

Industry: Drones

Location: Redwood City, CA

3. Zipline

Zipline runs an autonomous worldwide delivery service that carries vital medical supplies to those who need them most.

The business provides an integrated shipping service and delivery and performance services to transfer vaccinations, emergency medications, and on-demand supplies. Zipline transforms supply chain management every day with approximately 12 million miles to date.

Industry: Logistics

Location: South San Francisco, CA

4. Vicarious Robotic Company

Vicarious develops automation software that enables a wider variety of movement and unique robotic device capabilities.

The software solutions of the business allow machinery to do sophisticated assembly activities such as palletizing, assembly kits, machine maintenance, bin packing, sorting, and advanced packaging. It provides the opportunity to decrease working hours on average by up to 50%.

Industry: Robotics

Location: Union City, CA

5. Nuro

Nuro leads robotics technology to the forefront of our daily lives, creating technology that helps us utilize our assets, time, and attention.

The business’s main product is an entirely autonomous on-road vehicle that is fast, safe, and cheap to carry goods. It is enhanced by adaptable interior design to conduct transactions ranging from the collection of dry cleaning to the delivery of food products.

Industry: Sensor Manufacturing

Location: Mountain View, CA

6. Tempo Automation

Tempo Automation develops software to simplify the electronics and robotic production prototype process. The business specializes in fast prototyping and offers cutting-edge developers as little as three days to create functional models of their ideas.

The software from Tempo Automation gives complete access to the prototype process to keep manufacturers up-to-date on their manufacturing process and anticipated costs. Companies in the aerospace industry utilize it.

Industry: Prototyping

Location: San Francisco, CA


NVIDIA launched its Jetson AGX Xavier Module in late 2018, a new processor that hopes the firm will turn into the brain for future robots.

The AGX Xavier Module is an in-depth study, but to summarize: it has over nine billion transistors, offers 32 deep TOPS, is ten times more energy-efficient, and is 20 times stronger than its former Jetson TX2.

With six performance devices – an NVIDIA Volta 512-core tensor core GPU, an eight-core Carmel ARM64 CPU, a twin NVDLA Computational Intelligence Accelerator, and image, vision, and video processors.

it is claimed that the NVIDIA module will allow robots to comprehend the world around them.

Industry: Robotics

Location: Santa Clara, CA

8. Ouster

Ouster became a pioneer in the independent revolution in producing three-dimensional lidar sensor technology, which plays a vital role in enabling machinery to recognize its environment.

Works with engineers in robotics, autonomous cars, information leads, security systems, and other technical development sectors, like Honeywell, Kudan, and Mechaspin. The business works with its partners.

Industry: Sensor Manufacturing

Location: San Francisco, CA

9. The Anybots

The Anybots robots are equipped with a speaker, a camera, and a video monitor that can be controlled through a web interface and connected via Wi-Fi to the Internet.

Say you’re in Chicago and in Taiwan, too. Your robot, which has an integrated guide system, and video streaming capacities, and is controlled by the arrow buttons on your computer’s keyboard, may serve as a stand-in.

Industry: Health Care, Education

Location: San Jose, CA

10. Covariant

It is developing AI to make the robots more intelligent by calling them the “Covariant brain.” It was established in 2017, but in January 2020, it emerged out of a stealth phase, unveiling its first application for logistics businesses.

Directly competes with other startup robotics companies like Kindred and Right Hand Robotics. The technique employs several AI approaches to teach the robots.

Industry: Artificial Intelligence in robotics

Location: Berkeley, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Which company operates robotics?

IRobot Corporation is an American state-of-the-art technology firm specializing in robotics design and construction. The robotics product suite includes the Roomba Cleaning Robot from the category of home robot cleaning. And over 20 million robots are being sold across the globe.

Is it good to invest in Robotics?

Robotics and the growing usage of automation are some of the traders’ most exciting investments in the future years. The robotics manufacturers realize this and recognize that labor productivity in many areas of the economy must improve.

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