Robotic companies in Maryland ( Top 6)


Robotics are technical solutions for challenging and impossible manufacturing. It also helps a lot in difficult handlings.

Guess what? Robotics is an emerging practical solution in various tasks. Here in Maryland there are many companies serving the manufacturing of robotics. These companies provide variety of technical and unique equipment.

Robotic companies in Maryland

1. INPRO technologies, Inc

Description: Robotic systems provide a wide range of services for aerospace, agriculture, automotive, chemical, food, processing, marine, medical, and military.

 Moreover, it provides services for the pharmaceutical, power generation, transportation, and oil and gas industries.

In addition to these services, they offer project management, engineering, installation, system designs, Fabrics, etc.

They provide services according to customers’ needs. They have almost 30 years of experience.

According to their employees, this is the best place to work. There is a generous UTO, that provides free breakfast on Fridays. The company also provides lunch twice a month.

Timing: Monday to Friday

8:30am to 5:30pm


Address: 5112 Pegasus Court, Suite Q

Frederick MD 21704


Contact: (301) 698- 9711

2. BHS robotics

Description:  is an authorized integration partner and is a legal leading global supplier of automation components.

This robotic company provides high flex turnkey automated systems in design, fabrication, and installation. They have specialties in vision-guided robotics.

These include bin picking, kitting, assembly, trimming, de gating, machine loading, unloading, stacking, palletizing, and recipe building.

They have integrated autonomous vehicle systems for in-plants logistics. They claim that they are pro in proving customer services according to their demands. They create their own custom solutions and help people.

Address: Carol Stream, 865 Muirfield drive, IL 60188 Baltimore, MD 21237

Contact: 630-784-0800


3. Arnold’s factory Supplies

Description: They’re the distributors of packaging supplies such as adhesives, papers, robots, strapping, tapes, containers, cases, boxes, and cartoons.

They also have services for designs and custom-forming devices. They form custom containers and foam inserts. They also have machinery repair and installation services.

According to employees, it is a productive and easy-going task to work in this company. They say that there are 100 plus employees in this company but still, the environment is a family.

The manager also works on the floor with employees to help them. The con that most of the employees mentioned are that 401 k of didn’t match there.


Address: 1900 finishing Mill road

Suite 100 Sparrows Point, Maryland, 21219

Contact: 855-276-6537



Description: This company robotics provides military, medical, commercial, and underwater robotic systems. Other products such as manipulator arms, prosthetic arms, actuators, and end effectors, are also available.

They also have electro sense detectors, underwater unmanned vehicles, underwater manipulators, and other micro utility robotic devices.

The other capabilities for which they are famous are custom design engineering, fabrication, prototyping, testing, installation, and maintenance.

24-hour emergency support service is available. This is a big pro of this company. They have customer engineered, material handling, packaging, palletizing, parts handling, etc.


Address: Edgewood, MD 21040

Contact: 410-612-8192


What’s the best thing about this robotic company? They are the manufacturers of surveillance and intelligence systems. The products they have include space and remote sensing, ground systems, and satellite and robotic systems.

They have products that include land surveillance and intelligence. The industries in which this company serves include agriculture, aviation, defense and security, mining, oil and gas, natural resources, and monitoring.

This company aims to drive the growing space economy. Disaster management is also included in their service.

Many of the employees working here finds the place accurate to work. They claim that management is very approachable and cooperative.

In addition to this, you can work on a variety of projects at any specific time. Employees find it unique to work in different departments at a specific time. This approach makes their work interesting.


Address: Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Contact: 240-833-8200

6. Intelligrated

Description: The systems that they provide include the design, build, and installation of material handling, and automation systems for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and medical markets.

The other products that they provide include cases, tote, polybags, and pallet conveyors, sortation systems. More products include palletizers, robotics, automated storage, and retrieval systems.

They have protective equipment for your expensive robotic equipment. They have Waterhouse automation software.

In addition to these, they have CK65 handheld computers, earmuffs, Honeywell transmission risk air monitor, and environmental gas sensors. They have lifecycle management options that are according to the people’s demands.

This management option helps the people to reduce operational costs. According to employees, It attracts excellent engineers but the top-down communication is average.

The worst experience according to employees is unpaid furloughs. They have decreasing benefits on 401 K. Employees also complain that they have decreased benefit packages since conversion to Honeywell.

In addition to this, they say that there is poor leadership in this company.


Address: Frederick, Maryland 21704

Contact: 240-629-1300

People Also ASK

Q How do automation robots work?

Robotic process automation works on a software-based technology. In this technology, robotics execute the need of humans for business purposes. Instead of it, software robots are used.

What does it mean? It means that robots work on a computer in the same way which humans work.

They click, process, and open applications and use keyboard shortcuts.

Q In which processes automation can be used?

These include data transfers, process payrolls, system setups, website scraping, and call center operations. It also includes processing orders on e-commerce sites and orders.

Q What is the difference between robots and automation?

Robots are mechanical and they work just like humans. They can just take responsibility for humans. In science fiction, they have human-like qualities.

In the automation process, the machines only work according to the preset instructions. They only work in accordance with the instructions.

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