14 Robotic companies in Florida


Best machines to assist humans! Robotics are now widely used to perform certain tasks. These robotic machines are widely used in industries where the environment is not safe for humans.

Are you looking for the best robotic companies in Florida? I am here to explain all the best robotic companies in Florida, with their purpose and headquarters locations.

Give it a read, and you will find the best one according to your desire.

Robotic companies in Florida

1. Neocis

Neocis is a company that aims for robot-assisted dental implant surgery. It provides advanced robotic machinery for dental implants.

Yomi by neocons is trying to bring advanced surgical robotics to dentistry.

 It provides haptic-guided surgery, preplanned procedure, and augmented anatomical visualization.

Location: 2800 Biscayne boulevard suite 600 Miami, Florida 33137

2.Dignitas Technologies

It is a computer software company and it aims for software engineering and system engineering services.

It provides specialized architecture-based agile methodologies and solutions. They specialize in a system like design, development, testing, and rehearsal application. See


3626 Quadrangle Blvd Orlando Florida 32817

3. Finfrock

Finfrock robotic company provides design forming services like garages and parking structures.

This central Florida-based company claims to provide the best building experience at less cost, less time, and less risk.

Location: Florida, Apopka, United States.

4. Robot Marketplace

Robot Marketplace is a company that provides the best robot parts and other accessories since 1996.

They claim to provide the best prices to their customers and don’t raise prices and make people fool by providing items on sale after raising prices.

Location: Bradenton, Florida, United States

5. Modern robotics

Modern robotics is a company of robotics that provides programming and robotic solutions for k12.

 It is an educational company. It is a science, maths, and technology company.

It is an electronic manufacturing company.

Location: 13335 SW 124th St Miami Florida 33186

6. Homeland Surveillance and electronics

This company is the best unmanned aerial vehicle drone, manufacturer. It is the leader company in ‘made in America’ remotely piloted UAV drones.

It is an aviation and aerospace component manufacturing company. It provides a full-service provider of industrial unmanned aircraft.

This company claims that it has unmatched abilities, safety features, and quality-based flight time.

Location: 122 Live Oaks Blvd Casselberry Florida 32707-3828


IPFone is the best provider of Internet, Voice, and cloud services. It is a leading provider of many facilities for your business.

It is Miami based internet access provider. This company partners with Cisco and with phone manufacturers also.

They aim to provide reliable services, the latest cloud technologies, and flexible plans. They claim to provide the best opportunities for their customer’s business.

Location: 1035 Northeast 125th Street North Miami Florida 33161

8. Goverlan

It is the best provider of IT support and provides remote management software to its customers. It provides its facilities in all end markets.

It provides facilities like IT support, system management, IT management, manage service providers, and kiosks support.

Moreover, IT process automation, software deployment, and active directory management, all these are their Sysadmin tools.

They claim that they care for their customer’s security, and get access to attended and unattended machines. Moreover, they claim that they provide unparalleled support to their customers.

Location: Coral Gables, Florida, United States.


It is the company of communication technology that is a solution provider for member-based companies.

It provides solutions that include cross-platform and multiple-channel communication delivery to get increased ROI for member companies.

Location: Fleming Island, Florida, United States.

10. Paracosm

This company is responsible for 3D phone scanning. Moreover, it provides progress monitoring and visual solutions to help construction team builders to build better.

It provides 3D scanning in the health care system, and also for the home improvement system.

Location: Gainesville, Florida, United States

11. Bicom systems

It is the only unified communication provider system with all pieces to grow and start a telephony company.

Bicom system communication solution is a software suite produced by them from essentials like PBXware. They do so to unify communication apps.

In addition to these, they claim to remain Strictly to technology and solutions that have been tested and documented.

They claim to provide their customers exactly according to their demands. Whether it is delivery, use, or custom development, they claim that their customer will be satisfied.

Location: Hollywood, Florida, United States.

12.Inconcert software

It is a software company that offers business consulting, and software developments.

Location: Miami, Florida, United States


PROVISIO is the company that provides you with complex software solutions.

It has a smart kiosk control that enables contactless operation of touchscreens and develops via smartphones.

It provides a SiteKiosk all in one software for secure operations for public access PCs, and tablets. Moreover, it is available for Androids and windows both.

They also claim to provide custom solutions after planning according to their customer’s demands.

Location: Miami, Florida, United States

14. Skypatrol

It is the company that is globally responsible for integrated GPS tracking systems. They have produced developing innovative software tools attached to their GPS hardware.

It helps us businesses monitor, protect and raise mobile assets. Through fleet command, users can locate their all vehicles with detailed mapping and all the current vehicle information.

This company was designed for the protection of mobile assets. Assets are for: fleet management, vehicle financing, new car sales, car rentals, etc.

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