Robotic Companies in Europe in 2022

Advances in robotics will greatly our world in the following decades. Worldwide, companies are already accepting this shift, and it is becoming recognized that there is a cooperation between humans and robots.

A new generation of fascinating robots is in progress, from improving warehouse operations to addressing loneliness.

However, robotics enterprises in Europe are essential to our future.

The robotics sector is complete with companies, but just a few of them seem to have marked the startup landscape in Europe. These businesses also operate in many areas of the robotics industry, from business software to healthcare robotics and automation.

We have searched the horizon for European companies working on robot technology that demonstrate the most potential, taking their industry into account, team growth, financing rounds, worldwide recognition, etc.

Robotic Companies in Europe in 2022


Location: Germany

Magazino is a Munich-based robotics company that obtained €20.1 million alongside Zalando, Cellcom, and Fiege Logistics. The firm manufactures automated robots used in intralogistics.

For example, it utilizes robots for the storage, assembling, and pickup of orders. It is now valued at €80 million To €121 million. The centerpiece of the magazino is the TORU mobile order pickup robot embedded with sensors and 3D webcams. The bot can comprehend its environment and collect things from it.


2. Aldebaran Robotics

Location: France

Aldebaran Robotics has been one of France’s most promising robot startups. It’s ‘was’ since Softbank Group bought it for €89 million and rebranded SoftBank Robotics.

The business still lives and works on its products. Including programmable robots, voices, speeches, and recognized humanoid robots in a tiny size.

The Pepper or NAO robots are part of the company’s automated assistant range.

Nao is a 58-cm-humanoid robot designed to be a pleasant companion who can move, hear, recognize, and speak to people. Pepper can do anything NAO does and is also believed to respond to emotions while traveling and living independently.

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3.Exotec Solutions

Location: France

The French company Exotec Solutions creates autonomous robots to improve the warehousing process for e-commerce. Iris Capital, its current partners, 360 Capital Partners, and Breega secured €15 million in financing.

The business consists of just one robotic machine dubbed Skypods, a bot with a value between 60 million euros – 90 million euros, which can carry a conventional payload box of 30kg and deliver it back to a mechanical device. It is important to note that the Skypods move horizontally and vertically since Exotec Solutions offers specialized racks and stations that allow Skypods to function.

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4. Flyability

Location: Switzerland

Flyability was launched in 2014 and was rapidly recognized as a Swiss company to be vigilant. The business produces Elios Collision Tolerant Drone, intended for interior and other inaccessible sites using drones.

Flyability recently revealed that its Series B financing, headed by ETF Partners alongside Swisscom Ventures, Dow Chemical Company, GoBeyond, and MKS Alternative Investments, had raised €9.8 million.

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Location: Switzerland

Another Swiss robotics company EcoRobotix wants to introduce every agriculture sector with robots.

That can detect and eradicate weeds from agricultural fields. In its latest financing round headed by Capagro and BASF Venture Capital. The startup received € 9.0 million with 4FO Ventures and wealthy firms from Business Angels Switzerland (BAS) and investors. The business aims at expanding its services to major European nations by valuing about €36 million – €54 million.

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6. Axiles Bionics

Axiles Bionics is a Free University of Brussels-based spin-off that develops AMP-Foot. A revolutionary intelligent robotic anchor-foot prosthesis for amputees with the lower limb.

After ten years of study combining sophisticated robotics with human biomechanics. The company has developed a system that brings organic gait and stance to life and, at the same time, offers flexibility and strength. In 2019, the company finalized a funding round Series A of 2,4 million euros to improve amputees’ quality of life.

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7. CMR Surgical

Location: United Kingdom
Cambridge-based Medical Robot startup CMR Surgical has created a human bracelet-based
surgical robot with incredible skill and accuracy.

The robot arm is known as Versius and
intentionally offers a range of minimally invasive treatments to surgeons using numerous robotic
arms. Its first commercial plants are in operation in Asia, with Europe and the United States next
in line.

Established in 2014 and supported by a series C investment of €218 million in 2019.
They are creating the future for surgical workers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which robot company in Europe is the largest robot producer?

With 38 percent of Europe’s robotic systems in industries, Germany is the biggest robot market in Europe. Robot density is among the greatest in the German automobile sector in the world. Employment in this industry has steadily increased from 720,000 in 2010 to over 850,000 in 2019.

What is the world’s most intelligent robot?

Sophia can interact with humans using artificial intelligence and even use facial phrases to convey emotions.

Will robots in the future dominate the world?

There is thus no possibility they are EVERYWHERE while robots are engaging in numerous sectors all over the globe. Thus robots cannot completely control the marketplace by replacing all people in their occupations unless they have other jobs to keep the economy in motion.

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