Robotic Companies in Boston( Top 4)

Boston has not only a defined historical background but is also enriched with scientific research. In recent years, advancements in the field of robotics is booming in Boston. This country houses top-tier robotic companies that are bringing change on a global scale.

Robotic companies in Boston are working in collaboration with their impactful concepts. Each day, a number of new prototypes are tested by robotic experts to evaluate their potential. These companies are also open to providing diverse opportunities to robotic enthusiasts.

The selected robotic companies are specialized in creating autonomous networks. They work under the supervision of machine learning engineers to craft more precise AI systems. In this way, the innovative robots understand the end-user better and deliver their purpose.

From helping in the e-commerce industry to defense electronics, Boston is proud of its robotic industry. Below is the list of top robotic companies in Boston working under the umbrella of robotic professionals.

1. Boston Dynamics

200 Smith St, Waltham, MA 02451, United States

(617) 868-5600

Founded in 1992, Boston Dynamics is known for developing automated highly-mobile robots. Their high-tech robots such as BigDog, Spot, & Atlas are well known and soon will be commercialized. With a revenue of $10 to $25 million USD, approximately 500 employees are working at Boston Dynamics. The company is funded by Google, and SoftBank & is now owned by Hyundai.

Google Reviews: 4.8/5 (25)

“Boston Dynamics bring innovative ideas to life. Have a glimpse of their canine robot named ‘Spot’. In my opinion, the sci-fi technology coupled with precise AI will be helpful a lot in commercial and military operations.”

“Great new technological space. It is amazing to see what technology they have invented and aspired to make perfect. Looking forward to seeing more in the future by Boston Dynamics.”

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2. RightHand Robotics

237 Washington St, Somerville, MA 02143, United States

(617) 520-4199

RightHand Robotics brings a revolution in warehouse automation technology through advanced robotics. Their piece-picking machines are developed to ease online e-commerce businesses. RightHand Robotics is founded in 2015, the company has almost 200 employees. RightHand Robotics understands the end-user in the transportation, supply chain, and storage industry. The lead investors of RightHand Robotics include Safar Partners, Thomas H. Lee Partners, and Softbank Vision Funds.

Google Reviews: 4.9/5 (13)

“As an employee at RightHand Robotics, this company has a smooth working schedule and a friendly atmosphere. RightHand Robotics fulfills the promise of being a professionals-led company in developing advanced AI robots for the industry”

“I am inspired by the wonderful innovation and state-of-the-art progress at RightHand Robotics. Staff is cooperative and all the robot designing, testing, and automation is done under regulatory engineers and solution designers.”

3. Mass Robotics

12 Channel St, Boston, MA 02210, United States

(617) 960-5960

Mass Robotics develops an ecosystem for robotics and automation technology startups. This company provides the infrastructure to devise, test, and commercialize unfettered robotic developments. Mass Robotics is founded in 2015 with a company size of 20 to 30 employees. The company is funded through Grant funding worth USD 2.5 million.

Google Reviews: 4.7/5 (28)

“I am especially delighted to see their current progress in robotics and automation. Mass Robotics foster a collaborative environment & startup support for new entrepreneurs and professionals.”

“Being a robotic student, I was looking for a reputable robotic company to test my prototype. Mass Robotics provides me the opportunity to use the space and resources for my project. I highly recommend this company & their supportive team of experts.”

4. Vecna Robotics

425 Waverley Oaks Rd #250, Waltham, MA 02452, United States

(617) 444-9263

Vecna Robotics is established in 1998 as an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) company. This is one of the leading companies to empower the industry by producing robots for the manufacturing and distribution sectors. The self-driving vehicles developed by Vecna Robotics reduce the workload through Orchestration Engine Technology. Vecna Robotics presents itself with a company size of 150 to 200 employees and is funded by a lead investor known as Tiger Global Management.

Google Reviews: 4.3/5 (19)

“I am very delighted by Vecna Robotics in providing me with an automated driving robot for my warehouse. Vecna Robotics truly listens to its customers and delivers value to their customers. I highly recommend Vecna Robotics for advanced e-commerce and industrial setups.”

“Vecna Robotics fulfills the demand of modern industrialized robots for carrying self-learning robots. I am associated with this company for the past 10 years because of its hybrid technology in robotics. As a chain distributor, I am confident to say Vecna Robotics is the base of robotic innovations.”

Finding a top-notch robotic company for your next commercialized robot is a pondering process. Luckily, Boston has some of the top-class robotic companies to fulfill your commercial and industrial automation needs.

The above-mentioned top 4 robotic companies in Boston are truly promising. They are innovative and constantly improving in terms of understanding AI better. As a result, the developed prototypes are capable of achieving unpredictable market demands.

Nowadays, robotic technology goes beyond traditional automation. From material handling to solving complex tasks, these robotics companies in Boston carry new adaptive business solutions. To maximize human and robot capability, these companies are always ready to encourage innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do robotic companies provide infrastructure to robotics students for prototype testing?

Yes, robotic companies like Mass Robotics welcome technology students and offer them resources for new projects. They have a well-developed infrastructure not only for testing but also for designing and commercialization of the robots.

Do robotic companies in Boston open for general public visits?

Most of the top robotic companies in Boston don’t allow public visits. However, they are open to robotic students. The robots being developed are also not for public display until they are commercialized on a national level.

Which robotic company in Boston should I prefer for industrial robots?

Companies like Vecna Robotics and RightHand Robotics are your go-to options for automated industrial robots. They develop new hybrid robots with Autonomy Stack learning and orchestration engine technology.

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