Makita Robot Vaccum Reviews 2021

Are you a busy guy? Are you a working man/woman? You are serving in some office, factory, mall or shop. You are running some office. You are a busy lady. You are working at some huge building. Every day every time air and windy weather creates a disturbing situation in the houses, offices, or apartments.

You pursue to save your time in so hurried and worried life. You enter the house, office, or apartment but the dust and other fallen particles on the floor and carpet waiting for removal. You are tired of using the typical vacuums. We have the solution to all these queries.

Makita Robot Vacuum is the right answer to all these questions. This is suitable for every person and also fit for all who desire to enjoy a clean and neat environment. In this article, we will provide you a detailed review of the Makita Robot Vacuum and we will provide you the detail of its specification, features, pros, and cons of its use, and its customer reviews. If you want to get rid of a typical and old fashioned vacuum then the solution is Makita Robot Vacuum. So keep reading and enjoying this article.

Makita Robot Vacuum 2021

Makita is a company of Japan which deals in electronic articles. Now Makita is presenting its marvelous product named Makita Robot Vacuum and is glad to present it on the platform of Amazon. Makita Robot Robert is various in functioning and quality but which robot vacuum is the best for you.

It works digitally. You just have to install its app on your mobile and establish it for work according to your priority, you will create its agenda, but once that is done, the robot vacuum will do its work automatically according to the instructions given by you. It means it will save your time and energy.

With a Makita Robot Vacuum, you have different options to play according to the needs and demands of your house or place. It will do marvelous work.  Because every place or room huge or small requires the same degree of care. It is fast and reliable. It manages to take direction stop, reverse, stop, turn, move, forward, repeat keys. It is fully self-reliant and can be easily controlled via a mobile app.


Brand                       Makita

Sound level           76dB

Voltage               18V

Mfr Part No.       DRC200Z

Net Weight        7.3 kilogram

Power Source         Battery powered

Functional Keys        Shown by lights

Cleaning Capacity      5380 SF

No. of Brushes          4

Run Speed       0.3 m/s

Dust Box Capacity     2.51

Overall Dimensions        460 mm

Are Batteries IncludedYes
Item Dimensions LxWxH18.11 x 18.11 x 7.09 inches
Item Weight17.2 Pounds
Lithium Battery Voltage2 batteries and remote5 Volts

Color                 Blue and black

Rating              3.8 0UT OF 5 ON AMAZON

Price                  $1,199.00  

Features of Makita DRC200Z 18V X2 LXT Lithium-Ion 36V Brushless Cordless Robotic Vacuum Kit

1-It is packed in a beautiful and attractive carton and easy to handle.

2-Inside the box, all particles, and the robot are covered in a plastic sheet. All the accessories for its use are available in one box including batteries, brushes, screws, and remote.

3- It provides app registration codes, ruler guides, and setup guides.

4-This robot vacuum is available in blue and black colors.

5–Its mechanism is automatic. Its shape is so attractive. You can set it on your mobile by using the app and easily control its functions.

6- Its length is 18.11, width 18.11, and height is 7.9 inches. Its weight is 17.2 pounds or 7.8 kilograms.

7-It has two fully charged batteries. Each battery has 5.8Ah 18 V. This vacuum can clean 5380 of the hard floor. It is suitable for huge and grand buildings. Its running speed is 0.3 minutes per second. Its functional keys are shown by lights. It has four revolving wheels which give it the movements for onward, backward, reverses, or repetition

18- It contains a dustbin having a capacity of 2.5 litters. So it can cover a large area for sweeping and cleaning.

9-You will fix its two brushes with screws underneath. You will fix its two batteries with it. Put sells in a remote and control its functions by the remote.

10.-Its very easy and light to work. Without wasting your time you can accomplish your task. It can work constantly for three hours. It has a BL Brushless motor that can be separated from carbon brushes which provides energy to the BLL motor cooler and is efficient for longer life.

11-It cleans in three stages by utilizing side brushes, main brush, and vacuum suction. So its performance is marvelous.

12-It has four wheels and two revolving brushes which stuck and suck everything. It gathers all dust and other particles which come in its way. It is tiny but its function is fantastic. One time you purchase it and experience it; you will advise others to purchase this article.

13 –By its sensors, warning lights, and buzzer you can run the robot vacuum according to your need and you can complete your task.

Set up cleaning cycle

You don’t need to worry about its app or connection to WIFI. It is very easy to unbox it. You attach the brushes, fix the batteries, press the power button twice and it will start working. You clear up its ways and hindrances’ and it will work properly. It supplies a special boundary tape with which you can block off the required areas and can prevent the robot from those rooms or areas and you can save those things which can be damaged by hitting the robot. 


  • It can function for three hours constantly.
  • Its batteries are charged very fast.
  • It has large dustbin of 2.5 lire.
  • It has large cleaning brushes
  • It can be used easily by remote control.
  • It can clean the light carpets.
  • It has a handle to carry up.
  • It is tall, heavy wide, and better working capacity than other robotic vacuums.
  • Its design is marvelous and looks charming.
  • Its big dustbin of 2.5 lire is its positive point.
  • It can clean the small corners also.
  • It is for a commercial environment


  • Lack of functions against other company vacuums.
  • It cannot work properly on thick carpets.
  • It is very heavy in weight so it creates problems during a function on thick carpet.
  • It has not an app
  • It is not recommended for homes.

 Netzilla from the United States of America on 09 July 2019We have a 23000 square foot space and this thing is awesome! The catch tray is large enough. The vacuum picks up very fine dust to large metal screws (2 inches long) with ease. Using this vacuum has reduced our labor cost and allowed us to focus staffing on more important tasks. The batteries recharge in 45 minutes. The device will run for about 3 hours with both batteries in use. You can run on one battery and charge the other one and just swap when needed to keep the vacuum running constantly. me

Mr. Scott D Hibbeler from the United States of America analyzed about Makita Robot Vacuum on 06 January 2020 that it is an outstanding vacuum and its function is also outstanding. It works properly in any environment. We used it in our wide shop of 2400sqft and we were amazed at its function. If you switch off one battery, it can even work with a single battery.

We will share one more review of Netzillsa from the United States of America on 09 July 2019. She said that we had an area of 23000 sq ft. We were astonished that with its big dustbin all the dust and large screws of two inches sucked. The batteries were recharged in 45 minutes only. The Makita Robot Vacuum worked for three hours. You can run the device with one battery also.


Which is the Best Robot Vacuum?

 There are many types of robot lawn mowers available in the market but we will recommend you the Matika Robot Vacuum for your home, office, factory or shop.

You can view more information about robots on


You have gone through an article. You have read about its size, color, price, functions, and customer reviews I will suggest that if you are looking for a robotic vacuum for your home factory or office. Your choice must be a Makita Robot Vacuum because it is the first company in Japan for making electronics. Makita has an outstanding position and its products are beneficial for the customers. So we recommend you to purchase a Makita Robot Vacuum for yourself and for your loved ones also.

So trust in the very smart product of Makita. We are looking for your response. So after reading about Makita Robot Vacuum, click on order and add it to your daily used articles.


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