John Deere Robot Lawn Mower (Reviews 2022)

The John Deere robot lawn mower reviews are increasing day by day, and this lawnmower is available on the market. It is waterproof, JD livery robot uses the farm-tech know-how of the business into a residential mower that can hold lawns roughly half an acre (2200m2).
The Tango succeed in its configuration and operation, its precise grass cutting, 100% coverage, and outstanding hill climbing skills during testing throughout the summer.

But the Tango took a few obstacles, and the little fore wheels sunk into the ground and the caves of the rabbit. The Tango offers flawless manicure and an excellent finish for a smoother, high-quality lawn regardless of the weather.

John Deere Robot Lawn Mower Reviews 2022

John Deere Tango Mower Characteristics

Grass Cutting
The traditional single-piece temporary blade has a substantial cut and is small enough to prevent the scalp, even though it is hard to change its cutting height.


Grid Search Navigation works well in beginning areas, giving a perfect and tuft-free coverage for Tango.

Obstacles handling

The border wire and loops had no difficulties in tracking; however, the Tango had a few minor challenges with a high landscaper and rabbit tunnels.


Dry paths of approximately 30 ° are not an issue for Tango, but the tires are not significant in wet, stupid conditions.


The company gave it a tiny area, easy-to-use mother to handle raspberries in different variants from such a pentagonal mark to a conspicuous half acre for varied sizes of yards. Building quality is outstanding all along; in the “garden robot fighting,” we will repay the Tango.

The mower utilizes a standard, single rotatable steel blade with a position modification controlled by the grip and rotation of the revolving cutting deck. Not exactly a sophisticated stuff handling technique, but it’s efficient and straightforward. The same goes for the Tango configuration. This gadget prevents Internet connectivity and smartphone control for an intelligent keyboard and options on your LCD screen.

This makes setup very simple; the usual working schedule allows the mower to be configured in different areas and various security features, along with an automated emergency brake when seizing the rear trip handle. While the menu idea cannot be defective, the same is not true of the rear LCD screen. Whenever the surface reflects bright sunlight, it isn’t easy to read.

In all circumstances, it rips in tiny slices to protect the collection and may charge itself as required. When the long grassing in fast-growing places is identified, it pauses and enters a spiraling tear design before the raspberry becomes even.

The wire had wholly gone into the grass even after the weekend and was still completely invisible. The Tango has a rigid base station on one side with an exciting challenge. The John Deere team connected the circuit and discussed the capabilities and operations for a full hour. Although we love to DIY anything, we strongly recommend that even if you can picture the newest, squares lawn, your local shop organized your robot mower.

Tap into menus with a good number of options is sensitive and straightforward. Unusually, between them, there has been no cutting height. This is measured experimentally to flip the machine and rotate the slicing deck, wrapping in or out of the body.

A minor scale on the side of the machine gives you an acute feeling of height reduction. The job is easy, but the result is one of the widest ranges of cutting heights – 19 mm to 102 mm – for virtually any robot mower they have assessed.

The Blade

The Tango operates with a single two-edged spinning steel blade. It was meant to last longer than nearly any mower.
John Deere claimed that it would not have to be replaced or sharpened during the season. This is noteworthy since most robots have to change every two weeks or so.
This means it doesn’t suit more extended grass areas. There is no need to pre-mow in early spring and thus save a significant amount of labor that other models cannot do.

Function of mulching

The blade not only supports long-term breakage but also creates a delicate and thin cut. It reduces your grass into extremely tiny bits and guarantees that everything is done equally. Make your yard appear better than ever before. And your landscape will not just start to look great as weeks go by.

Because the cuttings are so tiny, they may squeeze to the ground where they can degrade and serve as a natural fertilizer (mulch). This implies that nutrients are transferred to the soil, which encourages more incredible grass growth. This leads to considerably greener, more complete, and more healthy grass.

Adjustment of height

The Tango can change its blade to the various seasons of the year (particularly the beginning of spring). You may adjust the height where it just cuts by moving the safety shield which surrounds the blade. You may choose between 19 and 102mm from wherever and it’s entirely up to you how low we would like to cut it.

When you receive the mower initially, you want to make the setting a little more than you like at the start of the season. This makes the mower easier in (or back) your garden and enables shorter grass sections to reach the lengthy portions. If you like to disregard this, you’re just going to finish on an uneven lawn.

The Tango arrives from its charging point, as you realize, which you place in your yard. This implies that the mower can fully charge without your assistance. With some guidance and boundary wire, it returns to the unit and starts automatically replenishing the battery. So when it works, you can truly put your feet up.

Environmentally friendly
You undoubtedly noticed I mentioned ‘electric motor’ while you were reading there. So sure, like every other robotic engine out there, the John Deere Tango E5 is entirely environmentally friendly.

It is not only highly calm (as stated above), it also produces zero air pollutants. Be pleased not just to you and your neighbors (for lack of noise) and Natural Selection.

Safety Features

Sensors Lift & Tilt

It is necessary to ensure that blade turns off once the mower is raised or tilted. The blade is equipped with sensors that may do.
So don’t be frightened or cautious if you ever need to repair or clean the blades. You won’t be in the path of danger.

Touch handle sensor
When you’re about to raise the Tango, always utilize its handle if you’d rather be more careful. It contains unique sensors that detect when touched. It turns the blade exactly as the lift &tilt detectors when enabled.
PIN & Alarm System
To prevent the robberies of your mower and to prevent unauthorized usage by others, the Tango arrives with a security code – which you’ll have to input again if the alarm sounds.

If you play without a code, an alert will hopefully scare your children or any potential thieves away. This will not impact your mowing schedule (because it is automated), but you will only need this if you want to modify or send it manually on a mow.

Even cutting grass
The conventional blade is carefully carved
Boundary approach of the curved path
Easy to operate
Constructed to last


Not at all in harsh fields
Little front wheels
Adjustment of manual cutting height
It is hard to view the display
Low grip in rainy conditions

Specifications Key

Cutting height 19-102mm
Raspberries to 2200 m2
Capacity can increase up to 36 percent
Automatic loading
Sensor for safety
Sustainable blades
Larger interface button
Small noise


The John Deere Tango E5 Series II is a powerful, durable and unique robotic lawnmower. In general, the performance is quite excellent, with the robot capable of undertaking lawn cutting tasks regardless of the weather. Minor drawbacks include occasional navigational difficulties and an absence of an application; everything is handled through clunky onboard buttons.

Frequently asked questions

Should you purchase this mower?

Now, of course, the preceding is just my viewpoint, which is why if you’re interested in buying this model, you will have to look at a few points first.

Below are a few criteria that will assist you in determining whether you are going to take full use of Tango’s characteristics and if it is suitable for your garden.

You have no more extensive lawn than 2,200m2.
Your garden includes either a large pond or two distinct pathways.
Your landscape is generally level without any significant abrupt twists or angles.
Now and again, you don’t mind performing little pruning.
You don’t dare to shut the mower off when it rains manually.

So if you’ve had a large, expansive, and level lawn, this mower is ideal. Make sure you initially deal with faults and are good to go.

I hope this helps you to make a choice, but if you’d like some additional assistance, then drop a remark, and I’ll be with you soon as possible.

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