How to make a robot with paper( 3 Easy Steps)

Making a robot with paper can be a great craft for the kids. Children always love painting with colors and glue, making a robot with their loved things can make the process more interesting for them. Here is a complete guide on how to make a robot with paper.

Making a robot with paper is not only fun to do but also really easy. Maybe you do not get perfection on the first attempt but with time and practice, you will get perfection in robot art.

This article is written for the people who love to do art and craft and for the people who want their child to be perfect and inclined towards art and craft. In the coming paragraphs of the article, we will give you detail that how you can make a robot with paper.

How to make a robot with paper:

Making a robot with paper? Let’s divide the procedure into three major steps.

Making the body of the robot:

For making the body of the robot you have to follow the following steps.

  • Collecting the material: The first step in every craft you are going to make it, you have to collect your supplies and bring them to one place. This practice will give you ease in the other proceeding steps. What you need for making a paper robot is.
    • 5-6 sheets of colored paper.
    • Glue
    • Tape
    • Paints
    • Foil paper.
    • Scissors
    • Button
    • Beads
    • Pipes.
    • Ruler
  • Draw four connected squares: In the second step take a hard white sheet of paper, that is cardboard, and draw 4 connected squares each on a measurement of 2 inches. All of the squares must be connected. Use a ruler for making exact squares.
  • Draw two squares with the connected rectangle: Now draw two squares apart from the others and connect them with a rectangle. At square no. 2 on the 4 squares line, you will make 2 more adjacent squares. Make them all with a ruler.
  • Cut out the cube: Now what you have drawn cut it out with the scissors. It is to note that only cut the borders and not middle lines or interconnected lines of the square. Through the excess paper in the dustbin.
  • Join the cube: Now join the edges of the cube that you just cut down from the paper.  Lift the long ends of the cube and fold the top over. Use a small piece of the tape to keep them in the required square shape.

If you will use glue you will have to hold it for some time so that the glue gets settled.

  • Make a cuboid: This requires the same steps as you have followed in making the cube. Just you need to be a little different with the dimensions. You have to make rectangles of 2×4 and on the long sides, you have to make 4×8 inches rectangle just cut them and join them together to make a cuboid.

For making a cuboid use a hard sheet of paper because it is the body of the robot and needs much strength.

  • Warp the cube and the cuboid in the foil paper: Now cut a large piece of the foil for the cuboid and a small piece for the cube and wrap it around the cuboid and cube accordingly. You should be precise in wrapping so you get a nice finish to your robot.

If you don’t want to wrap the body of your robot with foil you can paint it as well with silver acrylic paint. If you are doing so, spray the paint from at least 2-3 inches away from the substrate.

  • Attach the cube and the cuboid: Place the cube on the cuboid and place it in the exact centre. Apply much amount of glue on the cube and attach it to the cuboid.
  • Making the arms and the legs:

For making the arms of the robot follow the following steps.

  • Cut the stripes: Cut the 2 stripes of the colored paper with the dimensions 2×7 inches.
  • Fold the stripes: Accordion folds both the stripes. Fold them forcefully so that they get the exact accordion fold.
  • Attach the stripes with the body: Apply glue almost 1 inch below the head on both the sides of the cuboid and attach the arms there. Hold the arms to that glued place until they get stick to the body.
  • Cut two squares: Cut two squares of the same colored paper of dimensions 4×4 inches. Cut both squares separately and dispose of the extra paper.
  • Roll the squares: Take the squares and roll them like a cigar. Make sure that after rolling you left the roll with a diameter of 1 to 2 inches.

Keep the rolls in place by adding tape on the edges.

  • Attach the legs to the robot:  Now you need to take the two rolls that you have made in the previous step and attach them to the cuboid on the side opposite to the head. Attach the legs by using a surplus amount of glue.
  • Adding details:

You are just one step away from a perfect paper robot. Add details to have the exact one.

  • Make the eyes of the robot with the buttons
  • Add hair on the head using thread.
  • Add details to the body by using small chits of the colored paper.
  • Make ears of the robot by using beads.

You can add many more details like that


How big is a giant robot?

A giant robot should be 60 feet tall. A giant robot resembles the 1970s anime figure Gundham.

Name a smarted robot of the world?

Sophia is a robot that is considered the smartest till now.


Let’s end the discussion with the conclusion.

Making a paper robot is a fun thing to do and it is easy also. For the people who love to do art and craft, this robot creation is very easy but for the ones who are new and for the children this can be a bit difficult. With time and practice, after 2 attempts you will become able to make a perfect robot.

Thank you for reading this article, if you like it let us know in the comment section below.

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