How to make a robotic arm ( Complete Guide)

You are also a robot enthusiast? Want to make a robotic arm at home? You have clicked on the right article.

The people who are willing to play with art and technology wanted to do experiments like this. The robotic arm is fun to make if you are doing it at home. Depending upon the modernity and the type of arm you are making one can switch the place from his home to his office or studio also. The robotic arm can be made with cardboard, machines, and motors and also require a proper IT setup.

For the startup, we will go with the cardboard robotic arm.

In this article, we will let you know how you can make a robotic arm with home supplies. This arm will not look or work like the exact robotic arm that involves all the IT sequences this will going to be a simple one.

Let’s head towards the making of the arm.

How to make a robotic arm

Making of Cardboard robotic arm:

Material required: For making a cardboard robotic arm you need to have the following material with you.

  • Cardboard sheet.
  • Long ruler.
  • Glue gun.
  • Glue.
  • Cutter.
  • Scissors.
  • Straws.
  • Thread.
  • Nylon clips.
  • Paints.
  • Pencils

Steps: For making a cardboard robotic arm you have to follow the following described steps.

Drawing a sketch: Take a long sheet of hard cardboard. Place your hand on the sheet and outline your hand with a pencil on the cardboard sheet.

Make the sketch neat by using a ruler and dividing each finger into three parts and thump into two parts using a pencil and the ruler by creating marks.

Cut the sketch: Take a sharp cutter, cut the sketch that you have drawn with the pencil and the ruler. Make sure to cut it fine. It is advisable to cut from the borderlines of the sketch.

Don’t just cut the sketch of the hand but cut a little more for the arm also.

Bend the marks: Take a plastic sheet and with its thin part add force to the marks that you have marked on the fingers and thumb. This will make a bend on the division that you have made with a pencil in the previous step. Don’t try to bend it with your hand.  The risk of tearing the cardboard will increase.

Make a holder: Now it’s time to make a holder from where we are going to hold our robotic arm. Cut a rectangular piece of cardboard and divide it into three equal parts. Keep the middle parts as it is. But cut the cardboard from the ending parts leaving a thick border behind. Band this according to the division; it will look like a table.

Attach this table-like piece to the robotic arm halfway from the hand or in the middle of the arm with the glue gun.

Cutting the straws: Cut the straws in the dimensions like 2cm cut for each division of the finger and like 5cm for the palm, leading every finger. In total, you have to cut 14 cuts of 2 cm and 5 cuts of 5cm.

Attach the straws: Now it is time to attach the straws to their designated potions with the glue. It is recommended to use the glue gun for the straw attachment on the board. Attach the 2com straw cuts on the divisions of the finger that we have made in the previous step. Attach a long straw piece under each finger in the palm.

For the thumb, you have to flip the arm and attach the straw pieces (of palm) there.

Threads: Now take a thread and cut 5 long thread pieces. Pass each of the threads from the straws. Each thread controls a finger. Start passing from the fingertip and take it the long way to the arm holder.

Fix the thread at the tip by adding plenty of glue on the thread. Keep the thread length in a way that when the arm is not stretched the threads will be at their full length.

Attach the thread with the clips: Take 5 nylon clips and make them round up to your actual finger size or a little more than that. Attach the free end of the threads with these round-shaped clips.

Painting the arm: The robotic arm is functionally all set to make a start but wait, what for its looks? You can paint it in different colors to make it more attractive and beautiful.

Your robotic homemade arm is all ready to use now. You can hold lightweight things with this arm. This is a good craft for the children and the adults also.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How big is a giant robot?

A giant robot should be 60 feet tall. A giant robot resembles the 1970s anime figure Gundham.

What are some crafts that we can make from cardboard?

Following are some things that you can make from cardboard.

  • A robotic cardboard arm.
  • A cardboard kitty house.
  • A cardboard playhouse.
  • A cardboard car.
  • A cardboard robot.
  • A cardboard cycle.

And these are not all; there are countless things that we can make from cardboard.

What do art and craft mean?

Art and craft is a combined term used for making things with your hand. These are usually homemade and related to art.

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Let’s take the cardboard robotic arm to a conclusion.

As you have learned making a cardboard robotic arm, is very easy to do. For the people who love to play with paints, paper, and scissors this becomes easier and more enjoyable.

The robotic arm that you made with the cardboard will remain unable to hold heavyweights but it is good for the lightweight things and somehow a little more than the lightweight also like cola cans etc.

Indeed a good craft for children above 10.

Thank you for reading this article. If you like it let us know in the comment section below.

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