How to make a robot ( Ultimate Guide)

Want to make a robot on your own? You are reading the right article then. We will tell you complete details about how to make a robot.

Making a robot will vary from complex to a simple one. The making of a high-end robot is complex and needs a lot of knowledge about robotics and technicalities, only a professional can do this under detailed observation.

An original robot is not possible to be made at home. With little knowledge about mechanics, we can make a simple cardboard robot.

In this article, we will guide you that how you can make a simple cardboard robot at home with simple and affordable supplies.

How to make a robot

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How to make a cardboard robot:

Material required:

The material required for making a robot out of cardboard is:

  • A long sheet of hard cardboard
  • Ruler
  • Pencils.
  • A4 size paper sheet.
  • Battery
  • Operating motor
  • Wires
  • Switch
  • Plastic bottle caps.
  • A 14inch metal rod of diameter 1cm or even smaller
  • Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Beads and buttons.
  • Paints.
  • Paintbrushes.


 For making a robot out of cardboard you have to follow the following steps.

  • Making a rough sketch: It is recommended before going into the makings of the robot first sketch your robot. This will give you a rough look at your robot and this sketch will let you know how your robot is going to look after it gets finished.
  • Taking the measurements: In the first step, you have to take the measurements of the cardboard. For the body, you have to make 14 14inch squares. And for the wheels on which the robot is going to stand should be 6, 3 for each side. For the head or face, you have to take two circles that are big enough to compliment the body. And a long cardboard stripe to make the face 3D.
  • Drawing the shapes: After deciding the measurements for your robot. Take a big sheet of hard cardboard. Make 6 14 ×14 squares for the body of the robot. It is recommended to make the squares using the pencil and the ruler so that the end robot will get a fine finish.
  • For making the face, draw two circles on the cardboard sheet. For the wheels, you will draw 12 circles of 2-inch diameter, 6 short stripes for connecting the wheel squares, and a long stripe for connecting the face squares. As mentioned above the cardboard sheets should be big enough to compliment the 14 ×14 body. Make circles using the campus.
  • The fine drawing will lead you to fine cutting.
  • Cutting the cardboard: Now take a sharp cutter in your hand and place the cardboard sheet on the table. Cut the 6 squares that we have drawn on the cardboard in the previous step. Cut the two circles that are drawn for the face, and cut the 12 small circles of the 2-inch diameter for the wheels of the robot. And 6 short stripes for the wheels and long strips for connecting the face squares.
  • It is recommended to cut from the pencil outline very precisely. After cutting the pencil outline should not be visible on the cuts.
  • Body of the robot: For making the body of the robot separate all 6 squares from the other cuttings. On the base, attach the two squares that should be vertically up. After applying glue hold them for some time so that they stuck perfectly.
  • Take the other two squares and pass the three metal rods from them on which the wheels are going to attach. Pass them by making small holes in each square. These rods in the square should be aligned in a way that they make a triangle when attached by the straight lines.
  • Making the body functional: Now it’s time to add machinery inside the body of the robot which makes it functional. Take a running 200 RPM motor and attach it to the battery.
  • Now attach this battery with a switch and switch with the three metal rods that going to rotate when we allow the motor to operate.
  • Make a pocket of cardboard on one wall of the cube for holding the battery. Make a window on that wall where you are going to hold your battery so that you can replace your battery once the battery gets drained.
  • Finishing the body: After attaching the machinery then complete the cube by attaching the remaining squares with the glue gun.
  • After this, you should have a 14 ×14 inch cube captured with a motor and battery.
  • Making and attaching the wheels: Now it’s time to make wheels and attach them to the square body. For making wheels you will need 12 plastic bottle caps.
  • Take two caps and attach them in a way that space will be in between them. After attaching the caps make a hole in the center of the caps from which the metal rod passes perfectly.
  • Make the other 5 caps in the same way as you made the first one. Cover these bottle cap wheels with the cardboard cuttings that we have made for the wheels.
  • Now attach the wheels to the metal rod and add some glue so that the wheels will remain fixed in their position.
  • Check its running by switching ON the motor.
  • Making the face: The functional part is all done. It’s time to make the face of the robot and give it a perfect look. Take the two big squares and the long stripe that we have cut for the face. Attach the two squares with the help of the stripe by adding plenty of glue.
  • Connecting the face and the body: The face and the body are separately done. Let’s connect them both to complete our robot. Take the face of the robot and attach it to the body with the help of glue. Make sure that it will get attached to the right center of the cube body.


The robot is functionally all set. Now you can add detailing to make it more attractive.

  • You can make the eyes of the robot out of the beads and the buttons.
  • You can make ears with the help of regular bottle caps.
  • In addition to that, you can cover the wheels with a white paper stripe so that it will look like a chain.
  • You can make the arms of your robot out of colored paper.
  • You can make an antenna on the head of your robot with a wire.
  • The most enjoyable detail you can add to your robot is painting it with color or you can make designs with different color paints also.

Your robot is ready. You can operate it anytime you want by just turning the switch ON.

Types of robots:

Besides this crafted cardboard homemade robot, the robots in the original are of 5 types.

  1. Pre-programmed robots: These robots operate in a controlled environment and can do one specific task that they are assigned.
  2. Humanoid robots:  These robots mimic human behavior. They can do tasks that are only associated with humans before their invention. They can jump, run, walk, can carry objects from one place to another. The most advanced form of humanoid robots has human expressions and human-like faces also.
  3. Autonomous robots:  These robots work independently without any human supervision. These are usually sensor dependents. These can sense the objects and do their task according to that sensing mechanism. They can work in an open environment. Without any assistance.
  4. Teleoperated robots: Teleoperated robots are semi-autonomous. These are based on the wireless system. Humans can operate these robots from distance also because of the wireless system they are based on.
  5. Augmenting robots: The augmented robots are enhancing human capabilities or are replacing the capabilities of humans that are no longer remaining in humans. The augmented robots are turning fiction and science into reality.

Out of these, all the humanoids are most preferred. These mimic humans and behave and interact like them. People are most attracted to these humanoid types of robots in comparison to others.

Uses of robots:

Following are some areas where the robots are in abundance and sometimes the area is all dependent on these robots.

  • Detecting landmines in the war zones.
  • Helping to lower the forest fires, when accidentally plants caught fire.
  • Are in abundance in the manufacturing plant along with the humans.
  • In modernity, they accompany older people in shelter houses or even their own homes.
  • The robots are there in your homes vacuuming the dust and removing the grass from your lawn.
  • Carrying the heavy objects and placing them in the warehouse.
  • Are working with human assistance when a natural disaster happens.

Robotics and the world:

The most known countries that are leading in the making of robots are.

  • Austin robotics companies.
  • Boston robotics companies.
  • Chicago robotics companies.
  • Colorado robotics companies.
  • Los angles robotics companies.
  • New York City robotics companies.
  • Seattle robotics companies.


What are some crafts that we can make from cardboard?

Following are some things that you can make from cardboard.

  • A robotic cardboard arm.
  • A cardboard kitty house.
  • A cardboard playhouse.
  • A cardboard car.
  • A cardboard robot.
  • A cardboard cycle.

What is a robot?

A robot is the product of the robotics field. A robot is a programmable machine that can work in assisting humans or can mimic them even without any human assistance. Initially, robots are made to do autonomous tasks like carrying objects, building cars, moving objects, etc. but with the advancement in technology, the robots are also getting more advanced they now even surpass human abilities and are replacing them. These robots are turning fiction and science into reality.

What are the fields under the discipline of robotics?

Some fields that come under the discipline of robotics are.

  • Sensing and perception.
  • Programming.
  • Manipulation and effectors.
  • Mobility or locomotion.
  • Operator interference.

What cardboard is made of?

The unbleached raw cardboard is made of layers of paper pulp or recycled paper.  The outside gets coated with the white chipboard with two or three layers. Because of the recycled paper used in the making of the cardboard the inside of the cardboard is grey or somewhat brown and it feels rough to touch.

What are the types of cardboard?

Depending upon its composition the cardboard is divided into 3 types.

  • Corrugated Fiberboard.
  • Paper board.
  • Mat board.


Let’s end this detailed discussion with a brief conclusion

The making of a robot is different depending upon your interest and knowledge in the field of technology and robotics. Robotics is a whole wide, vast field. Through proper learning and practice, one becomes able to make actual robots that will later provide their services in our homes, offices, manufacturing companies, other workplaces, and the outer world. Even space robotics has its roots.

The field of robotics has gone so vast that it is turning science and fiction into reality.

In this article, we have learned how we can make a simple cardboard robot with simple supplies that can be there in our home or that we can buy from the market without facing any hurdles. The cardboard robot is the simplest type of robot you can make and involves a little knowledge about the mechanics and you don’t have to get knowledge about robotics.

Not only this you can also make a whole bunch of cardboard robots that will vary in their function and mechanism also. This running robot is just a start you can have if you are interested in the mechanics, robotics inclined towards art and craft.

You are going to get amazed after you stepped into robotics.

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