HOW TO DRAW A ROBOT( Complete Guide)

 People have been using advanced things nowadays for the benefits that they get in their daily lives. Robots have become an essential part of our daily life.

Some different machines and devices are used by humans in their daily life to perform their daily tasks. Robots are those machines that are invented by humans for the performance of different tasks.

They will act upon your commands and orders that you give them and work accordingly. Moreover, these updated and advanced devices are made for the benefit of mankind. Now, you will also know about the process of how to draw a robot.


You can draw a robot by using some simple shapes that you use in your daily drawings. You will just need to learn how to draw a robot from the basic and simple shapes.

There are several steps that should be followed to draw a robot:

First of all, there is a need to draw the body of the robot that is rectangular.

When the body of the robot has been created, then there is a need for his head and neck. After that, you will have to draw some specific lines that will sketch the body and neck of the robot.

Detailing on Head and Neck:

When you have been done drawing the neck and head, you will move towards the legs of the robot. They will be made when you draw the two matching lines of legs and feet. So that the robot will have equal legs.

After drawing the legs, you will have to create two curved arms. One arm is curved upward and another arm is curved downward for your convenience.

Now the raw sketch of a robot is ready. So you can pay attention to the details and you will start detailing the head and neck region of the robot by drawing some specific lines on the neck and head.

Add some lines to arms so that they will get more attention and have details in them. After that, draw details on the body in such a way that it is the main part of any robot.

Now, detail the legs by adding some lines to the legs. You can trace the body and outlines of the robot with different colors by differentiating the body of the robot from the rest of the things.

In conclusion to this, the robots that are used in current times are highly advanced and expert in doing different tasks that are ordered by you through any remote control device. Different types of robots are used by humans. The robots of current times can walk and talk like humans. Now, you will understand the process of how to draw a robot.

What is a robot?

A robot is a machine that is called a program machine that is computer-operated and made from technical and specialized processes. The robots are manufactured by humans and the specialized people who are skilled and professional in the field would manufacture the robots.

What is robotics?

Robotics is the scientific field in which different branches intersect such as engineering, science, and technology that ultimately produce different machines which you can call robots. Robots sometimes are also called human replicas because they perform similar actions to humans.

What are the different characteristics of robots?

The world has expanded a lot in the field of robotics. A robot has several different characteristics and these characteristics are as follows:

Mechanical Construction:

The robots are mechanically constructed and do some sort of work like mechanical construction. Moreover, the aspects of the robots that are related to mechanics would help him to complete the environment-related tasks.

Requirement of Electrical Components:

It is a sure thing that the robot requires electrical components for the operation and performance of specific tasks. The electric components are needed for the proper functioning of the robot. It is mandatory thing that an electrical motor is required to operate the electrical components of the robot.

Computer Programming:

Computer programming is present in the robot and it is a mandatory part of the robot. Because programming is the language that is understandable by robots.

Now, a robot will understand this command through a programming language and setup that is installed in it.

There are a wide variety of functions and tasks for which the robots are used. But sooner or later they are called or recognized as artificial intelligence. These technologies will advance in the future.

As time passes the robots that are manufactured also advance with time and become more efficient such that they will provide you with flexibility in doing different tasks and things.

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