How to connect a shark robot to Wi-Fi ( 16 STEPS)

Do you also need your home or workplace neat and clean without doing much effort? Here we bring you a vacuum cleaner that can do all for you. We will give you a detailed guide on how to connect a shark robot to Wi-Fi.

Shark robot is a cleaning device based on IQ navigation, home mapping, self-cleaning, and Wi-Fi connectivity and can work with Alexa and google assistant also. This is made for the people who love to have modern technology around them.

In this article we will give you a detailed note of the shark robot. We will guide you on how you can connect your shark robot with the Wi-Fi and start taking benefit from your investment.

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How to connect a shark robot vacuum to Wi-Fi:

For connecting your shark robot to Wi-Fi, follow the following steps mentioned below.

  1. SharkClean app:  Frist step in setting up the shark robot is to download the SharkClean app from the play store if you have an android like myself . You can download it from app store if you are a ios user.
  2. If you are new to the device you have to make an account on the SharkClean app. After receiving a confirmation email you can step into the SharkClean app.
  3. Plugging in the shark robot: After you get into the SharkClean app. Plugin the duck station of the device and turn the switch on. Turn ON the switch of the robot also. Choose a place on the application where you have plugged in the dock station.
  4. Wi-Fi connectivity: For connecting your robot with your Wi-Fi make sure that you have a 2.4 GHz or dual-band connection.
  5. Keep your Wi-Fi and password ready.
  6. Press the right and left buttons on the device for 5 seconds. Keep it pressed until the device speaks “I’m ready for connecting with Wi-Fi”
  7. Now on the application click on the CONNECT button.
  8. The device will pop up with the Wi-Fi network that your phone is already connected with. Select that Wi-Fi, if you have to connect it to some other Wi-Fi then you have to check the Wi-Fi options in the shark clean app.
  9. Enter the password of the selected Wi-Fi in the SharkClean app and tap on the CONTINUE button.
  10. Wait until the connection gets established.
  11. Now the robot is all ready to work at its best.
  12. Give it a name and get it ready to learn your home map by removing the wires and clutters.
  13. To start the robot, tap on the CLEAN button in the SharkClean app.
  14. On its first attempt, the robot will make a map of your home or cleaning area.
  15. You have to press the DOCK button to stop the cleaning operation.
  16. It will empty itself after every cleaning by getting back to its dock station after you stop the cleaning operation by using the shark clean app. Furthermore, If It gets full in between the cleaning operation then it empties itself first and then does the remaining procedure.
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Prominent features of shark robot:

Some important features of the shark robot are

  • On indication of low charging, the shark robot will itself go to the dock and recharge itself and get back to cleaning
  • The shark clean robot will clean the home in a row-to-row navigation.
  • It can operate on voice control also with the Amazon Alexa or google assistant.
  • The vacuum is powerful enough to suck the large debris, small debris, pet hair, and large hair also.
  • The most enchanting feature is, that it empties itself automatically when it gets full of dust and debris. You don’t have to empty it manually.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the shark IQ robot loud?

The shark IQ robot is not loud when it comes to cleaning. The other usual vacuums have loud sounds of vacuum pressure while they do cleaning and the sound changes every time they suck something from the floor. But this is not true with the shark IQ robot. When the shark iQ robot comes to the base station to empty itself from dust and debris then it makes a loud sound otherwise it does quiet and peaceful cleaning.

Can I use the shark IQ robot without Wi-Fi?

The shark IQ robot works best with the Wi-Fi connection because you can have plenty of options with the app connected. Nonetheless, you can use the shark IQ robot without Wi-Fi also but you remain unable to use its elite features that come in the SharkClean app, you cannot even control its activity with Alexa and google assistant when not connected with Wi-Fi. By the way, it can do manual cleaning without Wi-Fi.

Is the shark robot vacuum worth buying?

These days’ people are more inclined toward technology. The technology freaks, most importantly, are loved to be surrounded by modern and enhanced technology. The shark IQ robot is one of their favorites also.

Our favorite pick is SHARK ION ROBOT 750. This device is user-friendly, is a technology marvel, and gives the best value for the money.

Are shark robots vacuum good enough to remove all the debris?

The shark robot vacuum has good suction power. It can suck all the small and large debris, pet hair and large hair, and dust also. You will find your place clean after you allow the shark robot to do its magic on your place with the assigned specifications.

Want to learn robotics, read this guide.


Let’s end the discussion with a brief conclusion.

If you bought a shark robot then you should avail its features to the maximum. Wi-Fi connectivity is also one of the best features that it offers to its customers.

Establishing a Wi-Fi connection is just a few steps difficult when you have a shark robot. The features that you will get after connecting it to your Wi-Fi are marvelous and will make your experience more interesting with the shark robot.

If you haven’t established a Wi-Fi connection with your shark robot, do it now.

The guide is mentioned above.

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