How to clean litter Robot ( 5 Easy Steps)

You love to have a little fluffy cat but don’t get time to clean their poop every time. You buy a Little Robot for the problem but don’t know how to clean it. No worries! Here in this article, you will get to know the easy steps to clean the litter robot.

The litter robot can be cleaned easily after every one to two months or depending upon your cat’s use. It hardly takes 30 minutes to clean and dry the litter robot for your little fluffy cat. So, let’s learn how to easily clean the litter robot without wasting our time.

How to clean litter Robot

1. Empty the cat litter and disassemble it: First of all, empty the cat litter by pressing the empty button and all the litter will gather in the litter tray. Use a scrub brush to remove the stuck litter. Unplug all the electronics of the litter robot. Remove the globe and tray from the base.

2. Washing and Cleaning: The next step is washing but does not wash the base. The base contains all the electrical components. So, use a damp clean cloth with a mild cleaner and wipe all the base but do not mess with the chips.

3. Now wash the globe: Wash the globe with water and soap. Use a brush to remove all the litter from the interior. You can wash the bag and carbon filter if you want to reuse but I recommend changing it after every cleaning as they lose their potency.

4.Dry the Litter-Robot: After cleaning next step is drying before reassembling it. You can air dry it or use a dryer. Make sure not to place the globe back if it is still wet as it can get into the electronic base.

5. Reassembling: The next step is reassembling it. Now place the neat and clean tray back in its place and the carbon filter. Place the globe back in the home position and on track. Now press the power button and give it a few minutes now your litter Robot is ready for your cute fluffy cat.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the litter Robot globe contain any wires or rakes?

No, the litter Robot globe does not contain any wires or rakes in the globe. The globe is manufactured with proper safety that could not hurt or harm your cat.

Can my cat gets hurt when it enters the rotating globe?

No, your cat will not get hurt. When your cat tries to enter the rotating globe, the sensor detects the weight of your cat and stops rotating. It will never start again the cleaning cycle until your cat is inside the globe.

Is there any weight limit for a litter robot?

The answer is no. These litter robots come in different models that have various sizes range so you can buy accordingly. There is no weight limit as the globes of litter Robot have a wide entryway and expanded litter bed area.


Cleaning the pee and poop of the cats is no more a difficult task. Once you have a litter Robot you will never have to smell the smelly poops of your cats two to three times a day. You just have to do it once in two to three months. Here in this article, you will learn all the steps to clean a litter robot. You just need 30 minutes in 3 months and you are done.

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