How to build a Lego robot ( Complete Steps)

Playing with a Lego is one of the best time passes children prefer. Once you start making things with the Lego it’s become addictive also, for the adult. Building a Lego robot is one of the creatures that you can make while playing with the Lego. There is a variety of robots you can make with the Lego but we will start with the simpler one.

In this article, we will give you detailed procedures that how you can make a robot with the Lego.

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How to build a Lego robot:

For building a Lego robot you have to follow the following steps.

  • Making the body of the robot:  
  • For making the body of the robot you need to follow the following steps.
  • Take 2 by 2 of any color and shape. Select one and continue with that.
  • Now take the L-shape 2by2 and attach it to the base 2 by 2 that we have taken first.
  • Add a smooth bottom under the 2by2 base.
  • Now take two rectangular shapes 2by1 Lego having a clip holder on the lower side. Attach it to both sides of the already made creature.
  • Now the main body is ready.
  • You can use pieces of your choice for decorating the body. It is important to mention here that use everything in pairs because you have to attach it to both sides of the body.
  • Making foot of the robot:
  • For making the foot of the robot, follow the following steps.
  • Take a 2by1 piece for the base. Keep the base color the same as that you have made with the body of the robot.
  • Attach a 1by one on the one side and a clip on the other. Putting the clip is important.
  • Add two or more 1by 1 pieces above the clip.
  • I’m adding a rocket on the lower side of my foot to make it more interesting.
  • Make another, identical to the first one. And then you are completed with the feet of the robot also.
  • Making the arms of the robot
  • Follow the following steps for making the rams of the robot.
  • Take a 1by1 Lego for the base of the arm. Keep the color the same.
  • Now take a slant 2by1 and attach it to the 1by1.
  • Add 1by1 clip Lego on the slant 2by1.
  • Now you can add anything interesting from the inventory on that clip.
  • Your arm is already now.
  • Make another identical to the previous one.
  • Making the face of the robot:
  • Facial creation is one of the important things to do.
  • Take a roller 4by4 as a base for the face of the robot.
  • Attach another 4by4 of the same color on the base.
  • Attach the 2by1 with a rocket underneath the 4by4.
  • The Head is ready to assemble with the body.
  • Assembling the robot parts: 
  • Your Lego robot is one step away from completion. And that step is the assembly of the parts.
  • Bring all the parts that are, ahead, a body, two arms, and two feet to one place.
  • Keep the body in one hand and attach the head to it on the side opposite the clip holders.
  • Attach the feet to the clip holders that are present on the body.
  • Attach the two arms on the sides of the body.

Your robot is ready to display. You can place it on your study table or other racks in your room. This is really an interesting creation to make.


Lego is an American toy brand. The lead of the brand comes from the Lego bricks. With the Lego bricks, you can make a variety of creatures instead you can make a whole new world with the Lego. Lego bricks are getting evolved day by day with the new volumes and versions. Each of the coming volumes is more advanced than the previous one. The variety in the Lego bricks is increasing day by day and so does the variety of the creations with the Lego also.

Lego bricks are not recommended for kids below 8. Kids above 8 can enjoy the Lego creations to their best.


What does Lego stand for?

Lego is not an abbreviation but it is derived from the Danish word ‘leg godt’ meaning of which is play well.

Is Lego good for mental health?

As the trend of the Lego bricks getting a peak, many researchers start researching the Lego. These researches have shown us, that playing with any connecting bricks including Legos can be beneficial for mental health.

Healthy playing with the Lego enhances some specified skills of the child that as math skills, and building skills. Early engineering skills, spatial skills, and astonishingly social skills also.

Which is the most expensive set of Lego in the world?

The giant and the most expensive set of the Lego is the millennium falcon. It contains 7541 Lego pieces. And worth 800$, the highest price you can expect from a Lego set.

If you want to clean the litter robot, read this guide.


Let’s end the discussion of the Lego robot with a conclusion.

Playing with a Lego robot is always interesting but when comes to making a robot with the Lego bricks it becomes more interesting.

You can make a variety of robots with Lego bricks. it is advisable that if you are new to the Lego bricks always start with the most basic robot. In the first attempt, you will get some difficulty but with two to three attempts, you will get perfection in the art, and by trying variations you can make new kinds of robots also.

If the player is an adult then he will get professional Lego bricks with a little practice and time.

Continue playing with the Lego bricks to become a skilled Lego player.

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