Gutter Cleaning Robots ( Reviews 2021)

The Gutter Cleaning Robot cleaners are easy to use and install, that’s why Gutter Cleaning Robot reviews are growing by the day.

We launched the IRobot Looj 330 Gutter cleaning robots if you’re weary of cleaning your gutters and sick of the stench.

However, the day of cleaning services will no longer be the same. Anyone who has cleaned their gutters has reached the same conclusion: gutter cleaning is difficult.

It takes a lot of time and energy that might be better spent elsewhere. Gutter cleaning robots allow you to focus your time and attention on more essential matters.

Gutter Cleaning Robots Reviews 2021

IRobot Looj 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot

The Looj M330 comes from the same firm that created the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner. It’s a robust, waterproof gutter cleaner with rotating augers and caterpillar treads.

It may make quick work of your gutters, mainly if there is sufficient space underneath the tilt edge. Then, all you have to do is clean up the debris that has fallen on your garden. That’s still preferable to climbing up with a bucket.

Instead of a cannon, the Looj M330 seems like a tiny, wirelessly tank with a rotating brush that eliminates dirt. The main section is long and thin to fit in a gutter, and its elastic tracks ensure that it may move regardless of orientation.

The Looj M330 also can move when it is flipped upside down and on its sides. This often occurs with stiff debris, causing it to flip over and reverse.


  • The Looj’s handle is removable, enabling it to be carried and placed into a gutter with ease. The handle transforms into a remote control when it unclips.
  • With new batteries, we were able to run the Looj at a range of around 20 meters. But if you have very lengthy gutters, it is unlikely to travel out of range.
  • Even though it does, it is intended to turn over and retrace its steps down the gutter.
  • The Looj M330 may be moved forward or backward using the remote control/handle.
  • The spinning brush may also be adjusted to travel clockwise, anticlockwise, or shut off for the drill.
  • It also includes a clean automated mode that is capable on its own. It has a belt clip only for the handle, a way to keep your hand on the ladder.
  • By the conclusion of the work, the belt’s clip and handles may also assist in removing the Looj from the gutters without putting too much dirt on you.
  • It’s sleek, clever, and unconcerned with the filth. The Looj M330 is an excellent method to clean your gutters quickly and easily.
  • Its design enables it to operate autonomously. Just keep an eye on the mess in your garden after it’s over.

Easy to use and Perform Efficiently in the Gutter cleaning process

The iRobot Looj 330 eliminates the bother and risk of constantly climbing and descending ladders during gutter cleaning. Instead, it is a mobile robot gutter cleaner intended to efficiently clean gutters while working with leaves, debris, and blockages. It does this via the use of a high four drill that blows away any debris.

Design of Looj 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot

The Looj 330’s compact shape is ideal for navigating through tight gutters. In addition, its track construction enables it to travel even when it is flip upside down or on its back.

The Looj is toughly built, and its watertight chassis enables it to work in the dirtiest and slimiest gutters.

The Looj 330’s handle is removable and serves as a remote. The Looj 330 may be moved forward or backward using the remote control.

It also allows you to regulate the direction in which its auger rotates to ensure that trash falls in the correct order.

The motion sensor also includes a CLEAN mode with a single button. By selecting this option, the Looj 330 becomes self-contained.

It travels down your gutter, detecting and adapting to trash. When the robot has completed its task, twice the regular reverse button causes it to return to you.

Battery Life of Looj 330 Cleaning Robot

A constructed Lithium-ion battery powers the Looj 330. This provides it with more gives us the ability to do an entire cleaning operation on a single charge.

Lithium-ion batteries have a long lifespan as well. So you may keep your robot inactive and stowed for the whole winter, and it will still function as well as fresh when you need it.

Cleaning process through looj 330 cleaning robot

Through some 4-stage cleaning procedure, the blade on the Looj 330 detaches and eliminates even the most complex and stiffest material. It begins by separating clogs.

The material is then lifted and thrown from your drains and removed from your house by ejectors. Breaker bars are used to separate more challenging blockages.

To keep gutters clean and its strong polypropylene cleaners push aside any loose material. The scrape behind the drill provides another level of cleaning and guarantees that the robot’s route rearward is clear.

So will not have to go lower your staircase and move it down the gutter because of the controller.

The Looj 330 is capable of moving down the gutters itself and returning to you when necessary. It also has a belt clip so you can keep both hands on your staircase when climbing to your channels.

Remote-controlled Robot

The remote control handle uses 2.4 GHz RF and has a coverage area of 50′. As soon as you have new batteries, you will never regain a part of the Looj 330.

Even if you lose track, this robot intends to turn over after it has completed its job, causing it to travel backward and right back to you.

This Looj type is smaller than others, measuring 3″ broad and 2″ high. This enables it to fit into a broader range of gutters, including K-style aluminum, copper, steel, and vinyl gutters.

Waterproof Robot

Gutters are often used in rainy areas, and moist leaves are the leading source of blockages. The Looj 330 is fully waterproof and may be used in rainy situations.

This also makes cleaning a breeze. Simply spritz it with water from a hose, and you’re ready to go.

Different kinds of trash need the use of specialized equipment. The Looj 330 is equipped with two sizes of screw ejectors to accommodate any season, debris, or gutter style on your house.

Other attachments are available in addition to the belt clip for carrying the Looj 330 hands-free.

You may modify its cleaning by adding various kinds of ejectors that can manage different forms of debris.

All of its components and accessories may be safely stored in its container for extended periods.

It also makes it simple to move the figure and all of its attachments. Additional accessories and a storage box are available for purchase separately.

You’ll never have to worry about how to clean your gutters again, thanks to these most acceptable gutter cleaning robots. They will make your job faster, easier, and safer.


  • The rubber handle provides a simple body for handling.
  • Completely waterproof
  • The body is approximately three inches broad and has a low profile.
  • It has a communications range of 50 feet from your remote.
  • Before usage, it must be properly aligned.


  • Bristles may get worn.
  • Cleaning is required regularly.

One of the customers, Mongo, said in the top review for the United States that this product is beneficial and works well if you don’t anticipate too much. For example, he hadn’t cleaned his gutters in a year.

He said that he had a walnut tree directly next to his home, so the gutters are full of branches and matted stuff, stacked up to the shingle, and have a two-inch layer of hardened liquid at the base.

On his first attempt, he set it to “clean” and stepped inside – catastrophe! It barely cleaned four feet and finished up whirling away on its side. So he tried again, and after another four feet and a dead battery, he is ready to submit it back.

Then he figured out how to make this tiny man sparkle. You can adjust the direction of the flip, so if he goes sideways, simply alter the direction of the flip and bob’s their uncle; he’s back on track. Reset the flip guide and return to clean mode.

Okay, so he needs some supervision. He watered weeds, repaired mostly on jalopy, and did a few other tasks while checking on his assistant every few minutes.

When he became stuck, he restarted him with the control from floor level but instead went straight back to several other stuff while he worked.

Two hours later, the gutters are pristine, the other tasks are completed, and my looj worked his magic – it made gutter cleaning enjoyable! Maintenance will now be a breeze every couple of weeks as the leaves fall; there is no more across the up and down.

After cleaning the deck (my new friend is a slob), he and his assistant sat back and drank a couple of beers in the autumn sun, complementing one another on a good job.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size is the robot?

The item should easily fit into your gutter. A typical house gutter is three to six inches in width.

Your machine should be small enough to pass into the gutter but broad enough to brush away the dirt inside without dropping back into the drain.

What happens if gutters aren’t cleaned?

If gutters are not washed, and water overflows, it will drop along the building’s foundation. This may weaken the soil beneath and around the foundation, resulting in foundation cracks. Also, if the ground becomes moist and then freezes, it will heave and fracture.

What is the purpose of the brush feature?

Your robot’s brush function should be built to cut through even the most challenging trash.

It should have a sturdy body that can sweep up many objects without becoming stuck within the arrangement.

What will it do as it moves down the interior of your gutter?

The gutter cleaning robot should have a set of tracks. These rails are set out in a tank-like configuration to drive the robot down and inside the gutter.

To increasing the grip, the tracks may contain a sequence of grooves. In any case, the design must be good enough such that the robot moves in a straight path.

How are you going to keep everything under control?

The finest gutter cleaner is simple to use using a remote. This may include a device that allows it to move the robot down and up the gutter’s body.

What are your strategies for cleaning the robot?

You will need to clear out your automated drain cleaning system regularly.

This is done to eliminate any old leaves or other debris that may be lodged within its body. You ought to be able to wipe out the blades using a regular brush and water.

Is the robot capable of traversing wet areas without incident?

The casing of the cleaning robot must be strong enough to withstand dampness. This is because excess moisture may get trapped within your gutter system in certain situations.

This additional wetness may be the result of particles trapped within.


All of these characteristics are important to look for when looking for a decent gutter cleaning robot. However, it would be best to do some research before settling on a suitable option for your needs.

However, cleaning up your gutters may be difficult. You’ll need the most right gutter cleaning robot to assist you in clearing out this area of your house.

When you utilize an efficient robot, you won’t worry about going up a ladder to tidy up your gutters, saving you time and keeping you safe.

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