Android vs robot ( Differences and Guide)

 This world in which you live is advancing with time. You will be pleased to know that here you will get the latest and updated devices that will benefit you a lot. Digital technology spread its benefits in different ways and in every way the things are productive and beneficial for humans. One of the most innovative and productive inventions of mankind is the mobile phone. In today’s modern world, mobile phones have become the need of today such that no one can imagine his life without the use of the mobile phone. Moreover, there are two major categories of mobile phones and these are android and iPhones. Here we will tell you all the details about android vs robot.

Android vs robot in 2021

What is android technology?

Andriod system is the system that is found in different mobile phones that are of various brands. The basis of operating system is on the Linux kernel. Moreover, on the primary basis, this system uses touch screen mobile phones or devices that are based on touch-system.

There are different variants of this system that are also used nowadays in the car, wristwear, and television. Android is a widely used system across worldwide as one of the most widespread mobile operating systems. Certain different applications are found in the android system.

What are the technologies that are found in android?

There are

 Different technologies are found in the android system. These are also used for the development of certain applications in Android OS:


This is an application that is used for the app development SDK that is created by Google. There are several different purposes for which this technology is used such as:

  • Cross-platform Native interfaces
  • High-Quality Platforms

This system uses android and IOs platforms and systems for the development of different applications. As time passes, this technology has been used worldwide because of flexibility and convenience in its usage in the development of applications as mobile app.


It is officially regarded as the Android development language. The technology uses different libraries and one of the easy techniques to be handle by people. A user can easily access its libraries and can use them.

It is widely used in these operating systems because of the best technology that it offers to its users both in documentation and community support.

R Programming:

If there is some language that is best for machine learning and data analysis. This is a platform-independent language. When these programming languages are used, then they will provide you with excellent built-in libraries. These libraries help programmers a lot in the development of different algorithms that are powerful machine learning tools.


It is an open-source operating system that uses different android operating devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other devices that are touch devices. This operating system has an open-source license.

What are the different features of android?

The android is a powerful operating system that uses various devices nowadays and it competes greatly with Apple 4GS and supports other great features. These are some features of android :

Beautiful UI:

You will have a user-friendly screen to use with ease and convenience. The user will have a beautiful and intuitive user interface.


The android operating system provides several different connections. These are as follows:

  • UMTS
  • WiMAX
  • Bluetooth
  • IDEN
  • Wi-Fi
  • LTE
  • NFC

The android phones will have all these connections and that’s why it brings ease and flexibility to customers in using the android phones.


The android devices are excellent for storage purposes such that you can store a large amount of data in them. SQLite, a lightweight relational database.

Media Support:

Several different android formats use the android operating system. These media formats in which different media technologies are available are as follows:

  • MP3
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • WAV
  • GIF
  • MPEG-4
  • AMR
  • AAC 5.1
  • BMP and many others.


They provide messaging support system of SMS and MMS.


The android mobile phones or other devices come with the option of multi-touch which has native support and was primarily available in handsets such as HTC Hero.


You can perform various tasks on android devices at the same time. In this way, different applications can be run at the android phones on time such that these applications can be run simultaneously.


The multi-language support is provided by android phones and devices so that if a user has some different native language, then he can use the device.

What are robots?

Robots are programmed and computer-oriented devices that perform the tasks just like mam. But, as these devices are human manufactured that’s why they can perform various tasks at the time. Different types of robots are available here for different kinds of work. This diversity in robots is due to several different factors such as design, size, and capabilities to perform different tasks and functions.

The term robot means that to perform the functions on the command or orders of a person. Robots are machines that are designed for the performance of different tasks that are being done traditionally by humans. These are widely used in various industries because of the greater number of advantages that they provide to humans. In automobiles manufacture, they are widely used as they can perform simple repetitive tasks, and they are also working in several other industries where work must be performed in environments hazardous to humans.

The robots also have some senses that are of humans . These robots also have human senses such as vision, the ability to sense temperature, and touch. One of the most important features and traits of these robots is that they can make effective decisions. Nowadays, industrial robots do not resemble human beings, but as they are inhuman forms, so they are called androids.

The differences between robots and android:

When you look into science fiction and the real world, then you can find many areas which tell you the differences between the android and robots. These terms such as android and robots are interchangeable terms and alternatives to each other. Droid is usually called R2-D2 that is a derivative of android. You have learned this thing that robots can be in human forms also. But, there is not a necessary or mandatory thing that a robot will always be in human form. Although, an android will always be in human form.

Most of the time, there is a controversy that has been made regarding androids that they can pass as humans in natural light. The world in which you live has been advanced and technology has evolved beyond those smart fewer cars and devices.

As time passes, robotic technology has been introduced into the world that has changed the lives of humans. Artificial intelligence has been introduced in recent times that bring the robots closer to humans and with the advancement of the new era the humanoid robots are called androids.


The technical differences between these two are that robots are intelligent machines. Robotic systems have several different features and components that they have such as software, hardware, systems and power supplies. As you know already that both these terms are interchangeable such that you can call all droids robots, but not all robots are called droids.


Robots are automatic–operated machines that are solely designed for the purpose to perform different tasks and works in no time such that they will take less time than humans to perform the same tasks. As you know that these are machines so they are capable of performing different tasks and things that are dangerous and difficult for humans to perform these tasks.

On the other hand, if you talk about androids, then they are specifically called human-like robots that perform different functions. Moreover, they perform tough functions that require highly advanced systems to perform them. In many industrial operations, androids are used because they perform the work in much more efficient ways.


In conclusion, humans are using advanced technology and computational intelligence because of advanced robotics. When we talk about robots, then we are talking about advanced and programmed machines. People use these machines to perform different tasks.

They are intelligent and advanced machines. On the other hand, if you talk about droids or more specifically androids, these are robots that are in human form. The androids also look like humans. In short, you can say that the androids are robots but not all androids are robots. There is always a contrast between an android vs robots. 

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